Speller Metcalfe and BIM


We know that through BIM, Speller Metcalfe has the long-term investment potential to considerably reduce contract tender values, associated costs and project programme time scales while providing our clients, partners and supply chain with a more transparent and collaborative approach.

Government Requirements and the BIM Maturity Model

The BIM maturity model is set out from Levels 0 – 3; it encompasses the ability of the construction supply chain to operate and exchange information and defines the supporting infrastructure required at each level:

  • Level 0: Operating using unmanaged CAD 2D drawings through paper exchange. 
  • Level 1:  Managed CAD (2D or 3D) using a collaborative web-based application. Time and cost managed separately without integration into the existing model. 
  • Level 2:  Fully collaborative 3D BIM with all project and asset information and documentation as electronic. May integrate 4D construction sequencing and/or 5D cost information.
  • Level 3:  Fully integrated BIM processes incorporating a sixth dimension - project life cycle management information

By 2016, the Government will require all public sector projects to be working to the equivalent of Level 2 on the maturity scale as a minimum. At Speller Metcalfe we have been working to Level 2 since 2012 across both public and private sector projects.